Statement of The Jerusalem Fund, October 24, 2017

Statement of The Jerusalem Fund, October 24, 2017



Our two 40th anniversary galas in Dallas and Chicago, on October 7 and 8, were a tremendous success. One hundred percent of the funds raised will directly benefit our Palestine Diabetes Institute (PDI) Clinics in AI-Bireh, Nablus, and Hebron – which serve over 12,500 men, women and children annually. We cannot thank our sponsors, sta? and volunteers enough for their dedication and determination to provide the resources so essential to the health of the communities we serve.

Unfortunately, controversy surrounding some of the past statements and comments during her lecture on October 5 in Washington, DC by our featured speaker, Haneen Zoabi, has distracted from the positive impact that will be produced from the funds raised at our two events.

The Jerusalem Fund regularly hosts events featuring academics, policy makers and other influential voices who can add insights that may be helpful to the issues and projects important to our educational, humanitarian and cultural initiatives. The participation of these individuals in our programs do not and should not be considered an endorsement by The Jerusalem Fund of their particular views, political agendas, or an embrace of the groups and entities that they may represent.

The Jerusalem Fund is a non-partisan, educational non-profit that seeks to promote a greater awareness and understanding of the challenges and opportunities that the Palestinians in Palestine must deal with. The Jerusalem Fund has not, does not, and will not support nor condone terrorism in any form nor organizations that promote or engage in terrorist activities. We have in fact chosen not to extend our medical and humanitarian services into particular communities at the present time in order to avoid even the appearance of condoning or cooperating with terrorist groups.

We want to make it absolutely clear: The Jerusalem Fund does not support or condone the use of violence as a means of achieving political or policy objectives. Period.

We apologize for any misunderstanding regarding the decision to feature Haneen Zoabi at our to galas. Her selection as a featured speaker was not intended as an endorsement of her policy and political views and should not be considered as a reflection of the policy positions of The Jerusalem Fund.

Moving forward, we believe that the educational purposes of our group necessarily involve providing a platform for the expression of di?ering views and opinions from a wide variety of speakers who we believe can provide policy suggestions that are likely to lead to peaceful and positive resolution of the issues facing Palestinians.