Grant Application Tips & Best Practices

  • The Jerusalem Fund prioritizes funding for projects that prove immediate impact and long-term viability . Projects that “continue to give” long after financial assistance from the Jerusalem Fund is dispersed have higher chances of being approved during a grant cycle. For instance: Reusable equipment such as computers, solar panels or hospital equipment, etc.
  • The Jerusalem Fund does not approve grants to cover salaries, honorariums, transportation or any other administrative costs. Applications that request the mentioned items from the Jerusalem Fund will be disregarded.
  • After a grant is approved, the Jerusalem Fund reserves the right to request photos, receipts or proof of intended purchase before the transferring of funds.
  • Before and after pictures are required for all projects approved by the Jerusalem Fund.
  • Specific project location information is a requirement for all grant applications. GPS coordinates will also be accepted.
  • All questionnaire and picture requirements must be met for all grantees.
  • NGOs with a solid online and social media (in the English and Arabic language) presence are looked highly upon and information on such should be included in all grant request applications.