The Jerusalem Fund Mourns the Passing of Dr. Jack Shaheen

Dear Friend of The Jerusalem Fund,

The Jerusalem Fund extends our deepest, heartfelt condolences to the family of the great scholar and humanitarian, Dr. Jack Shaheen, who passed away Sunday night at the age of 81. For decades, Dr. Shaheen was a champion of Arab Americans, as he brilliantly and effectively fought the biases, stereotypes, and propaganda against Arabs and Muslims in American media. Equally important are his contributions to the perceptions and the cause of Palestinians, who have been vilified in popular culture since the beginning of their struggle.

As our chairman Dr. Subhi Ali notes, “No other person contributed to the understanding of Arabs and their culture in America as did Dr. Shaheen. He was a giant of a friend to The Jerusalem Fund and Palestine Center. Jack’s quiet wise counsel will always be remembered with great appreciation and admiration.”

Dr. Shaheen once said, “the story tellers of today have a tremendous impact on the world as we perceive it.” His influence on these story tellers has helped to improve perceptions of Arab Americans, and we are tremendously grateful for all of his brave efforts.

Dr. Shaheen is survived by his wife Bernice, his two children, and his grandchildren. He will be sorely missed, but his legacy and positivity will live forever.