Statement from the Curator

In light of recent events, I just want to weigh in with a comment about all the wonderful artists/immigrants I have worked with for so many years. I am an immigrant myself, and pretty much everybody I have worked with in the creative field is an immigrant too. I have lived for many years abroad, as well, and understand firsthand what it feels like to not be part of a predominant culture. In some of the places I lived I was welcomed and accepted despite my differences, in others, not so much. But my life in America has been such a lucky one of meeting and sharing the amazing creativity and insights of immigrant artists, some from the very countries that welcomed me back in the day. I admire their persistence, their flexibility, their ability to harness their creativity in the service of their truth, their talents, their gift of bringing beauty and conscience into my world. I have never been prouder to share their work with as many people as I can. To all, Sumoud–persevere steadfastly.

-Dagmar Painter