Forbidden Colors: Artists and Censorship

Forbidden Colors 

Artists and Censorship

Opening Reception

Friday, June 3, 6-8pm


The latest video from Epicenter features curator Dagmar Painter as she discusses the art, artists, and significance of “Forbidden Colors.”


The slideshow below offers a full view of the works on display.
Forbidden Colors


Roses by Dagmar Painter


Artists from the United States and abroad create work in all media exploring the concept of artists’ responses to various forms of censorship or political pressure specific to artistic production. The show takes its name from a 1980 Israeli law forbidding artwork of “political significance,” which banned art composed of the four colors of the Palestinian flag: red, green, white, and black.  Palestinians were arrested for creating or displaying such artwork.  The ban was lifted after the signing of the Oslo Accords in 1993.

Forbidden Colors Artists

Lukman Ahmad                                 Adam Chamy                         Andrew Ellis Johnson

Shakir Al Alousi                                Rajie Cook                             Lori Katz

Ahmad AlKarkhi                                Andrew Courtney                    Najat El Khairy

Najwa Al Amin                                  Manal Deeb                           Nida Khalil

Micaela Amateau Amato                     Omar Fekeiki                         Nabil Makar

Ayed Arafah                                     Annemarie Feld                      Adeeb Makki

Zeina Azzam                                    Najib Joe Hakim                     Rehma Mohamed

Doris Bittar                                      John Halaka                           Amr Mounib

Noha Nakib                                      Dagmar Painter                      Shaun Rabah

Vivien Sansour                                  Susanne Slavick                     Qais Al Sindy

Nasir Thamir                                     Corinne Whitlatch                   Helen Zughaib


Exhibition continues June 3—August 12, 2016