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The Palestine Diabetes Institute addresses the growing diabetes epidemic in Palestine through treatment, awareness, and education. It is the first such facility in Palestine.

Diabetes is affecting Palestinians in disproportionate numbers. According to the Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committee, 18 percent of the population has diabetes mellitus.

The disease can be managed with careful medical treatment and persistent follow-up. However, most Palestinians suffering from diabetes do not have the necessary access to affordable treatment and can suffer serious complications such as blindness, kidney failure and circulation problems that lead to amputations.

The problem is compounded by the unemployment, poverty and daily stresses brought on by the entrenched Israeli occupation that controls all aspects of life.

With the help of our donors, The Jerusalem Fund established the Palestine Diabetes Institute (PDI) in the central West Bank town of Al-Bireh in 2009.

Over these years, the PDI’s patients experienced fewer complications from diabetes thanks to its hard work and your support.



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Building on this success, the PDI opened its second clinic in 2013 in the northern city of Nablus.

Although the PDI serves Palestinians from all over the West Bank, travel restrictions, security checkpoints and other hardships create a very difficult journey for many people seeking care.

This is why we propose to establish new branches of the PDI in areas such as Hebron and Gaza.

In fact, the expansion to Hebron is already underway, and with your valuable support we can continue to make progress.

Please consider donating today, and help us make a positive impact on the health and quality of life of Palestinians living under military occupation.



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