Help Palestinians this Ramadan

For many Palestinians, Ramadan is a spiritual month that brings families, friends, and communities together. Despite the fellowship and joy that Ramadan inspires, it can also be a particularly challenging month for Palestinians.

Living in poverty under Israeli occupation, siege, or in refugee camps, many Palestinian families struggle to put food on the table. In addition to the theft of Palestinian lands, Israel has also taken control of many water resources, often diverting them to Israelis. This paucity of food and water becomes even more painful during Ramadan, especially this one, when fasting will overlap with the longest and hottest days of the year.

Ramadan is also about community and togetherness, but Israeli checkpoints, the apartheid wall, and arbitrary arrests make it very difficult for Palestinians to fully realize this sense of closeness. As the people of Gaza know too well, Israel also does not hesitate to wage all-out war during this month of observance as it did in the summer of 2014.




This Ramadan, we hope that you will continue to support The Jerusalem Fund’s mission to reduce the suffering and hardships that Palestinians face. Our Humanitarian Linkprogram focuses on funding projects that deliver food and critical supplies, provide educational and occupational development, enhance community infrastructure, and support other efforts to improve the quality of life of Palestinians.

We are pleased that our newest clinic of the Palestine Diabetes Institute (PDI) inHebron is on track to open by the end of this summer. The Palestinians of Hebron face some of the harshest and most degrading of Israeli settlement activity, which makes their well-being an absolute priority. Your donations to the PDI will help strengthen the steadfastness of Palestinians as they confront ruthless settlers and other forms of Israeli oppression.

Our humanitarian activities to aid Palestinians are only possible thanks to your generosity. As stateless people with little to fall back on, Palestinians in distress rely on the humanitarian and moral support of compassionate individuals like you, so please join us this Ramadan in giving them a helping hand.

Every dollar you donate to The Jerusalem Fund’s humanitarian programs is fully tax-deductible to the extent of the law and will go towards improving the lives of those most at risk and most in need in Palestine. You can also make zakat donations to our humanitarian programs.

We thank you in advance for your generosity during this month of charity and goodwill.

Ramadan Kareem,

The Jerusalem Fund