The Jerusalem Fund extends grants to non-governmental organizations providing humanitarian assistance to Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza, and Jerusalem, and to Palestinian refugees in Syria and Lebanon. The Jerusalem Fund supports projects focusing on emergency relief, education, health, infrastructure and other community development efforts. The Fund also supports projects that help Palestinians highlight their history and struggle to Western audiences.

Typical grant awards range from $1,000 to $5,000. Applications are accepted on a year-round basis and are evaluated by the Board of Directors.

Deadlines for receiving grants are:

January 15 for consideration at the Spring board meeting.

April 15 for consideration at the Summer board meeting.

July 15 for consideration at the Fall board meeting.

October 15 for consideration at the Winter board meeting.


Applicants must complete the Fund’s two application forms (Institutional Profile Form and Project Application Form) and submit these in electronic format using the submission form below. Please do NOT email them.

:الاستمارات باللغة العربية

استمارة معلومات مؤسساتية

نموذج طلب تمويل 


If you have any questions, contact Mohamed Mohamed at

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