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Emergency Gaza Appeal November 2012

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Jerusalem Fund Announces an Emergency Gaza Appeal

“There’s no safe haven, and civilians are under attack in the Gaza Strip.” - International Eyewitnesses in Gaza

Dear friends,

In recent days, the Gaza Strip has been shaken by several Israeli military strikes from drones, Apaches, F-16’s, and naval vessels, coming from air, sea and land. At the time of this writing, these attacks have resulted in at least 128 fatalities, including dozens of children and pregnant women, and undoubtedly these numbers will rise. The Ministry of Health reports that more than 900 people have been injured, with hospitals throughout the area inundated and unable to provide basic services to the victims, not to mention already suffering shortages from the ongoing closure of the Gaza Strip.

This latest military offensive is the largest since Israel’s war on Gaza four years ago, which has led to the displacement of tens of thousands of civilians. Many more people scattered around the area have fled to neighboring towns, increasing strain on the governments and host communities.

Together, we can join forces and help those in need.

In response, we, The Jerusalem Fund, and our network of credible and vetted partners on the ground, are issuing this emergency appeal to support the civilians in Gaza. The Jerusalem Fund is fully committed to providing emergency relief to Palestinians through supporting programs in Gaza that stretch from Rafah in the south to Beit Lahia in the north. However, this particular appeal requires much more in the way of resources and organizational capacity than we have requested in the past.

This appeal addresses the current and future needs of the 1.7 million residents of the Gaza Strip. In Gaza, the majority of the population is in a precarious situation, with little or no financial resources, due to more than five years of a military siege. The most vulnerable sectors of the population are its first casualties and victims – women, children and the elderly, who are virtually powerless in the face of indiscriminate and constant military bombardment.

There is now a very urgent need for medical assistance, nutritional support, clean drinking water and shelter. In the past we have addressed these needs, through our local partners and your donations. Once again it is a critical moment. We urgently ask you to please give whatever you can afford. You can help save lives and offer hope to the people of Gaza, by making a charitable year-end contribution to the Humanitarian Link today. This donation is 100 percent tax deductible, and 100 percent of every dollar donated for this appeal will go directly to Gaza.

Since the start of Israel’s siege on Gaza, The Jerusalem Fund has assisted non-governmental organizations to provide health and educational services, as well as other basic commodities. With no end in sight to current developments, The Fund is preparing to double its assistance. In the 34 years that The Jerusalem Fund has provided humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian people, we have not experienced such a dire need for your support as we do today. Let us do what we can to stem this massive humanitarian crisis.

This emergency appeal will be used for 1) immediate assistance to Gaza, and 2) to provide support for projects that will be needed to help rebuild civilian life and society. We appeal today to your generosity, compassion and sense of solidarity. Your donations at this time will tell the people of Gaza that they are not alone and help them remain steadfast. To make your tax-deductible donation today,

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With sincere gratitude,

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Children gather for treatment in a hospital.

Just one of many scenes of carnage and destruction around the Gaza Strip.

A family eats by candlelight while Gaza is under siege.

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