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Grantee Spotlight

Annahda Women's Association


Ramallah, West Bank


Founded in 1925, Annahda Women's Association in Ramallah works to develop activities and services that assist the needs of the local community in the following areas: women's economic and social empowerment; teaching and training programs for Palestinian adults and children living with disabilities and special needs; and material aid to families and individuals in need. Annahda fulfills its mission in recognition of the full rights of those in the community living in need or with disabilities by providing effective services and programs that focus on educational and occupational training. Its long record of providing such dedicated services makes them an outstanding partner to work with on the ground in the Occupied Territories.


Each child has the right to live a safe and secure childhood with the necessary cognitive and perceptual tools for educational development. Children living with disabilities in the Occupied Territories are particularly at risk of not having these basic needs met. To fulfill this goal, Annahda established an educational toys workshop to meet the needs of the children in their community, particularly children with disabilities, and to provide training for teachers, field workers and other staff working in special programs and pre-schools.

The toy workshop at Annahda Rehabilitation Center is the first and only one in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to produce educational toys made from wood. The educational toys workshop is designed to be a productive training program that provides the opportunity of skills enhancement and employment for adults living with disabilities, as well as providing the local community with necessary wooden toys and furniture that are used in nurseries, kindergartens, schools and centers.

Your 100% tax deductible donation to The Jerusalem Fund goes 100% to the program you indicate, such as Annahda Women's Association in the Humanitarian Link. Please consider donating today to ensure projects like this continue for the children and future of Palestine.

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