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Grantee Spotlight

The Ibn Khaldoun Society for Community Development (IKSCD)

Northern Gaza

The IKSCD, established in 2002 in Gaza, aims to promote the cultural welfare of the Palestinian community, emphasizing equality and cooperation. They work to achieve sustainable development in society, nurturing civil and social institutions by building grassroots organizations within the local community. This, particularly with their emphasis on the value and rights of women and children in society, makes them a valuable partner for development in the Occupied Territories.

Clean drinking water in the Gaza Strip is scarce. Many water wells have been damaged or destroyed by air strikes or overconsumption, and the Israeli blockade stops equipment necessary to dig deep new wells. Chlorine tablets for water treatment have also been stopped by the blockade, causing a major shortage. Thousands of Palestinians in Gaza have no access to clean water and those that do risk sickness from contaminated water. According to the World Health Organization, 80 percent of drinking water in Gaza is not safe for human consumption. Because of these conditions, the cost of bottled water has dramatically inflated, destabilizing the economy and leaving many impoverished without water. It is not hard to see why nearly 25 percent of all illnesses in Gaza are water related.

IKSCD developed a plan to bring clean drinking water to Gaza schools. Through a grant from The Jerusalem Fund, the IKSCD installed a desalination plant, which produces 12 cubic meters of clean drinking water every day. The plant is an economically conscious and developmentally sound solution to this critical problem. Thanks to your generous donations, the students at the Ahmad Al-Shukeiri school for boys have daily access to clean and safe drinking water. Because the students spend several hours a day at the school, this will have a large and lasting effect on their health and wellbeing.

Through this project, your donations provided clean drinking water to over 2,000 children. Remember that 100% of your donations to The Jerusalem Fund are tax deductible and go towards organizations like the IKSCD. Please donate now to ensure projects like this continue for the children of Gaza.

The Jerusalem Fund
2425 Virginia Ave, NW
Washington, DC  20037

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