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Internship dates and application deadlines:
Summer 2015 Internship: 1 June - 14 August 2015

Deadline to apply for the Summer 2015 Internship:
Friday, April 3rd at 11:59 p.m. EST.


Summer 2013 interns

Graham Liddell, Leila Shebaro, Shirin Akram-Boshar and Samia Ayyash
To apply: 

To apply for the internship program, please submit the following materials: a cover letter, resume, a brief writing sample on a topic related to the Middle East or the Palestinian issue no longer than 5 pages and one letter of recommendation.

Submit materials to:

Tamara Kamel
The Palestine Center
2425 Virginia Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20037
Fax: 202.333.7742

or e-mail to tkamel@thejerusalemfund.org.

Late and/or incomplete applications will not be considered. No phone calls, please.

About the Internship:

The Jerusalem Fund for Education and Community Development offers internship positions with its educational program, the Palestine Center, for graduate and undergraduate students. These positions are based in our Washington, D.C. office, located within walking distance from the U.S. Department of State, the K Street lobbyists' corridor, Embassy Row, historic Georgetown, and Dupont Circle. 

The Palestine Center internship program provides undergraduate and graduate students with an opportunity to conduct primary-source research, develop writing and organizational skills, build valuable D.C. contacts, gain hands-on experience, and observe the extensive political and policy-related happenings in the metropolitan DC area. As important members of our team, interns gain valuable exposure to the functions of a highly productive non-profit organization working on issues of national and international significance.

There are two types of internships: 

1) the fall and spring internship program, designed for undergraduate and graduate students with part-time availability for at least 15 hours per week;

 2) the summer internship program, designed for undergraduate students with full-time availability for at least 30 hours per week. 


Summer 2012 interns Patrick Lavallee, Marian Messmer, Michael Kaplan, and Marian Hale

Fall and spring interns work on various research projects in coordination with Palestine Center staff. They are also called upon to assist periodically with staffing events. Summer interns coordinate a summer lecture series, engage in various research projects related to the Palestine issue and assist with Palestine Center briefings, film screenings, and symposia, in addition to various administrative tasks. All interns are encouraged to attend relevant events in the area during their internship and pursue avenues of research that are of personal interest to them, provided the research relates to the work of the Center. The Palestine Center staff provides guidance on research and logistics, helps to educate interns on the Palestinian issue and advises them as needed on career development.   

This internship is not paid. We accept applications for part-time fall and spring internships and for
full-time summer internships. Students are responsible for all travel and living expenses during their internship.


Summer 2011 interns Marianna Jordan, Evan Fowler and Alexandra Dominguez

Examples of Intern Duties and Responsibilities: 

- Development of an annual summer lecture series
for area interns to be held during July (for summer internships only)
- Drafting transcripts of Palestine Center briefings
- General research as assigned by Palestine Center staff
- Attending Palestine-related events in the D.C. area
- Assisting with event planning, organization and set-up as needed for Palestine Center events
- Limited administrative support for office staff

Required Qualifications:


Summer 2010 interns Mikki O'Leary, Sana Saeed, Katharine Forman and Elise Springuel

-Related major or course work

-Excellent research and writing skills 
-Good communication and computer skills
-Knowledge of Arabic preferred (not required)
-Public interest volunteer work
-Demonstrated leadership/initiative
-Follow-through on directions
-Reliability and punctuality
-Ability to work on a team and take direction
-Ability to work independently with minimal supervision

Example of past Summer Intern Lecture Series:

The 2011 summer intern lecture series, "The Arab Spring Gives Way to a Palestinian Autumn: Palestinian Social Politics in an Evolving Middle East," aimed to address the impact that a United Nations vote for statehood will have on the future of Palestinians, the importance of the recent opening the Rafah Crossing and the significance of social media.  The summer 2011 interns also organized and hosted a cultural event, Ahla Watan: A Night of Comedy, Music and Poetry, that was a fundraiser for the Palestine Diabetes Institute, a project of The Jerusalem Fund's Humanitarian Link program. Click below for transcripts of the lecture series presentations:

     "Sovereignty and a New Reality: Vote for Palestinian Statehood at the United Nations"
     "Rafah: Crossing Physical and Diplomatic Barriers"
     "Social Media: Recent Successes and Failures in the Palestinian Struggle"

In addition, the summer 2011 interns each produced an information brief, including World Heritage Right: Statehood and UNESCO; A Minority within a Minority: Palestinian Arab Bedouin of the Negev; and The Illusion of Citizenship: Obtaining and Maintaining a Legal Status in the Occupied Territories.

The 2010 summer intern lecture series, "Under the Olive Tree: Illuminating the Voices of
Palestinian Nonviolent Activism,"
aimed to focus on Palestinian grassroots political activism, cultural expression and international solidarity and the various creative methods and practices employed by local, national and international nonviolent movements that aim to resist the Israeli occupation and produce a true and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians. The summer 2010 interns also organized and hosted a cultural event, Ya Falasteen!, that was a fundraiser for the Palestine Diabetes Institute, a project of The Jerusalem Fund's Humanitarian Link program. Click below for transcripts of the lecture series presentations:

     "The Roots of Resistance: Birth and Growth of Palestinian Nonviolent Activism"
     "Politics and Poetics: Palestinian Art and Culture as a Form of Resistance"

     "Branches of Peace: International Solidarity with Palestinian Nonviolence"

In addition, the summer 2010 interns each produced an information brief, including The Rising Support for Hamas and the Roots of its Success in Palestine; Power Aid: Waging War in Pursuit of Peace; I Am There: Reforming the Status of Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon and Jerusalem: City of ‘Peace,’ City of Pieces.

The 2009 summer intern lecture series, "Shifting Dynamics within the Quest for Peace," aimed to assess the impacts of a war on Gaza on international public opinion, the effects of political leadership and the continuing challenges of Palestinian unity on the current opportunities for peace. The summer 2009 interns also hosted a cultural event that allowed Washington, DC-area interns to network. Click below for transcripts of the lecture series presentations:

     "Moving Forward: Palestinian Political Parties and Reconciliation"
     "The War on Gaza and Public Opinion"
     "Clashing Visions and Competing Interests: American, Israeli and Arab Approaches to Peace"

In addition, the summer 2009 interns each produced an information brief, including Reconciliation: Lessons for Peace and Justice in Palestine (Part One); Grassroots Reconciliation in Palestine and Israel (Part Two); Reframing American Discourse on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict; Political Discrimination Against Arab Citizens of Israel; and Building Conditions for Unity and Peace.

The 2008 summer intern lecture series, "The Future of Palestinian Politics: Reconciliation, Compromise and New Players,"
examined the possible strategies and tactics for Palestinians, Israelis and Americans involved in the struggle to end the conflict. Click below for transcripts of the lecture series presentations:

     "Palestinian Reconciliation: The Possibilities and Challenges"
     "Morale of Palestinians and Israelis regarding Peace Talks"
     "The Future American Role in the Israel-Palestine Conflict"
     "The Role of Activism and Non-Governmental Organizations"
In addition, the summer 2008 interns each produced an information brief, including
Funding Illegal Settlements in the Occupied Territories of Palestine; Ethnic Cleansing - Then and Now; and The Water Crisis in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

The Jerusalem Fund
2425 Virginia Ave, NW
Washington, DC  20037

202.338.1958 (main)
202.333.7742 (fax)

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