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Opening Reception: Friday, 21 November 2014
6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

"And We Have Countries"

44 artists interpret the poem by Mahmoud Darwish

©Najib Joe Hakim,  The Last Sky   digital photograph on canvas

Over 40 artists
from the United States, Europe, Canada and Palestine interpret this poem by the Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish in all media, with the challenge of producing a piece 6 inches x 8 inches in size. Artwork includes painting, ceramics, mosaics, photography, drawing, metalwork, glass, sculpture, graphics and film. 

The interpretations range from abstract constructions of wood and paint to hand-forged copper to portraits to digital imagery.  Artists have depicted specific lines from the poem, or used the words as inspiration for their own exegesis.

"And we have countries without borders, like our idea
of the unknown, narrow and wide - countries whose maps
narrow to a gray tunnel as we walk in them and cry out
in their labyrinths: 'And still we love you.' 
Our love is an inherited disease. Countries that grow
by tossing us into the unknown. Their willows
and portrayals grow, their grasses and blue mountains.
A lake widens north of the soul. Wheat spikes
spring up south of the soul. The lemon shines like a lamp
in an emigrant's night. Geography emits sacred texts.
And the ascending chain of hills reaches higher
and higher. The exile tells himself: 'If I were a bird
I would burn my wings.' The smells of autumn
become the image of one I love, soft rain seeps
into the dry heart and imagination opens to its source
and becomes reality's terrain, the only true place.
Everything distant becomes rural and primitive,
as if the earth were still gathering itself to meet Adam
descending from his paradise. I say: These are the countries
that bear us…so when were we born?
Did Adam take two wives? Or will we be born again
to forget sin?"

Mahmoud Darwish

The artists include:

Lukman Ahmad
Shakir Alousi
Najwa Al Amin
Qais Al-Sindy
Micaela Amateau  Amato
Ayed Arafah
Ben Belgachi
Doris Bittar
Adam Chamy
Adnan Charara
Rajie Cook
Andrew Courtney
Tory Cowles
Sonia D'Agnese
Manal Deeb
Mona El Bayoumi
Najat El Khairy
Phoebe Farris
Elena Farsakh
Annemarie Feld
Louise Gish
Maha Hadad
Najib Joe Hakim
John Halaka
Dareen J Hasan
Sarra Hennigan
Andrew Ellis Johnson
Tamara Kamel
Lori Katz
Michael Keating
Nida Khalil
Zahi Khamis
Karam Mishalani
Amr Mounib
Basima Mustafa
Ellen O’Grady
Dagmar Painter
Marcel Richter
Susanne Slavick
Vivien Sansour
Vian Shamounki Borchert
Nasir Thamir
Mary Tuma
Corinne Whitlatch
Samia Zoghlami
Helen Zughaib

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