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The Jerusalem Fund for Education and Community Development
2425 Virginia Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20037 USA
Tel. (202) 338-1958 (Jerusalem Fund)
Tel. (202) 338-1290 (Palestine Center)
Fax (202) 333-7742

For media inquires with our Executive Director call (202) 338-1290

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The offices of The Jerusalem Fund and its educational program, The Palestine Center, are located on the ground level of the Potomac Plaza Building. Its offices have a separate entrance and street address from the building. The building is located near the Foggy Bottom Metro Station (orange and blue lines), on the Metrobus Line 80. Its entrance is across Virginia Avenue from the Watergate Complex and the Embassy of Saudi Arabia.

Entering the Building

The entrance to the Jerusalem Fund is located on the far right corner of the Potomac Plaza building, just off the sidewalk of Virginia Ave. It is separate from the carport and lobby of the building.

Driving Access (Google Map)

Driving South on US-1 from
North-East DC:
Turn Left onto 20th St., NE.
20th Street, NE, becomes Queens
Chapel Road, NE.
Turn Right onto Bladensberg, NE.
Turn Right onto New York Ave, NE.
New York Ave. becomes Mt. Vernon Place, NW.
Turn Left onto 9th Street, NW.
Turn Right onto K St., NW.
Enter next roundabout.
Take 3rd exit, New Hampshire Ave.
Continue past GWU Hospital.
Go four stops to Virginia Ave., NW.

Driving North on US-1 from Alexandria, VA:
Stay straight to go onto Jefferson Davis Highway. Take the ramp towards Memorial Bridge/Washington/Arlington Cemetery. Merge onto Memorial Dr. Enter next roundabout and take second exit onto Arlington Memorial Bridge. Stay in left lanes to go around the Lincoln Memorial Circle, SW, toward the U.S. Department of State. Turn left onto 23rd St., NW, and continue across Constitution Avenue. For street parking, turn Left onto Virginia Ave., NW, or continue on and turn left on either G or H Streets, NW. Look for parking around G and 24th or H and 25th Street.

Driving South on I-295 from Baltimore, MD:
Take the exit toward Washington from the B.W. Parkway. Merge onto US-50 W (becomes New York Ave.).
Stay straight to go onto New York Ave., NW. New York Ave. becomes Mt. Vernon Pl., NW. Turn Left onto 9th St., NW. Turn Right onto K St., NW. Enter next roundabout and take 3rd exit onto New Hampshire Ave., NW. Look for street parking near H Street or, for pay-parking, continue to intersection and turn Left onto Virginia Ave., then Right into Columbia Plaza.

Driving North on I-295:
I-295 N turns into I-395 S. Take the Maine Ave./12th St. exit toward downtown. Stay straight to go onto Maine Ave., SW. Turn slight right to go onto Raoul Wallenberg Pl., SW. Raoul Wallenberg becomes 15th St., SW. Continue north on 15th Street. Turn Left onto Constitution Ave. After the White House, turn slightly to the Right to get onto Virginia Ave., NW (headed toward the Kennedy Center and Rock Creek Parkway). Go under 23rd Street. Immediately afterwards, you will see a church on the right. The Jerusalem Fund is located in the next building on the right, Potomac Plaza.

Driving East on I-66 from I-495 and Arlington, VA:
Take I-66 across the Roosevelt Bridge. Follow first sign toward the E Street exit off bridge (left lanes on bridge). Do not actually exit onto E Street. Instead, merge onto Potomac River Freeway North (left lanes on off-ramp). Take the left-hand exit toward Rock Creek Parkway. At stop-sign, turn Left onto 27th St., NW. At light, turn Left onto Virginia Ave., NW (away from Parkway). For street parking, continue two blocks until New Hampshire Ave., NW, and turn Left at light. For pay-parking, continue three blocks and turn Right into Columbia Plaza Complex and parking garage.

Driving South on Wisconsin Ave. (Rte 355):
Stay straight on south-bound Wisconsin Ave., NW. Turn Right onto Cathedral Ave., NW. Turn sharp Left onto Massachusetts Ave., NW. Turn Right onto Waterside Dr. and continue to Rock Creek Parkway. Turn Left onto Virginia Ave, NW.

Driving North on I-395 from Northern VA:
Take the VA-27/Washington Blvd, exit number 8B, towards Pentagon/Arlington Cemetery/Roslyn/Memorial Bridge. Merge onto Washington Blvd. Take the US-50 W/George Washington Memorial Parkway North ramp.
Merge onto Arlington Memorial Bridge. Turn slight left onto Lincoln Memorial Circle, SW. Turn Left onto 23rd St., NW. Turn Left onto Virginia Ave., NW.

Public Transportation

Metrorail Access

The Jerusalem Fund is about a five-minute walk from the Foggy Bottom Metro Station on the Orange and Blue lines. When you exit the station (at the intersection of I and 23rd Street), take the escalator to the street level and make an immediate right on 23rd Street. You will notice a park to the right, which is a walking promenade section of I Street on the George Washington University campus. Turn immediately right from 23rd Street onto I street (that is, make a U-turn to the right from the escalators) and walk through the park one block. At the intersection of I and 24th Street, NW, turn left and walk two blocks until G Street. Turn right at G and 24th (there is a Presbyterian church on the corner). Walk about a half a block down, staying on the right-hand side of G Street, which merges with Virginia Avenue. The Jerusalem Fund and Palestine Center offices are located immediately off the sidewalk in the next building after the church. It is before you reach the intersection of Virginia and New Hampshire Avenues, NW.

Metrobus Access

A Metrobus route frequents the Kennedy Center area every day, including Sundays and holidays. Route 80 drops off and picks up passengers just outside the offices of The Jerusalem Fund on Virginia Ave., NW. For details on bus routes and schedules, call Metro information at (202) 637-7000 or TTY (202) 638-3780. 


Limited parking is available on the street. There is no parking available at the Potomac Plaza building. Only six spaces are available in front of The Jerusalem Fund offices and are shared with the building and a hair salon. To use them, you must register your car with the building during normal business hours, or your car is subject to tagging and towing at the driver's expense.

Pay-parking is available at the Columbia Plaza Parking Garage located at 2401 Virginia Avenue, about a five minute walk from the garage to The Jerusalem Fund. The Garage entrance is located between Virginia Avenue and E Street, on the lower level of the Plaza. 

Additional pay-parking is available at the Watergate Parking Garage located at 700 New Hampshire Avenue, NW. Enter the Watergate garages from New Hampshire Avenue across from the Saudi Embassy or from F Street opposite the Kennedy Center.

Pay-parking is also available at the Kennedy Center Parking Garage, located on 2700 F Street, NW. The Kennedy Center Parking Garage is open every day from 6am until midnight. Performance parking is available to patrons on a first come first served basis. Beginning at 1pm on weekdays and all day on weekends and holidays, the $12 fee will be collected, in advance, at the entrances to the B and/or C levels of the parking garage on the south side of the building. Accessible parking spaces are available on all levels and are located on the west side of the motor lobbies nearest the river, to the left as you enter. The Kennedy Center parking garages have limited availability on the "B" and "C" levels for over-sized vehicles and SUVs that are 6 ft. or taller. For more information about the Kennedy Center parking facility, call (202) 416-7984 Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm or (202) 416-7987 evenings and weekends.

The Jerusalem Fund
2425 Virginia Ave, NW
Washington, DC  20037

202.338.1958 (main)
202.333.7742 (fax)

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