Ibtisam Barakat’s new and intense memoir details her life as she came of age in Palestine from 1972 – 1981, a politically turbulent time in Palestine’s history in particular and Middle Eastern history in general. The book explores several timely and important themes, including human rights and equality, the costs of wars and unresolved racial strife, and the necessity of education for girls worldwide.

Fayrouz Sharqawi,  Advocacy Director at Grassroots International, will discuss the recent movement for Al Aqsa and the necessity of organizations like Grassroots Jerusalem to build a cohesive political platform through which Jerusalemites can voice their demands and bring attention to the indigenous and independent Palestinian economy outside of the international aid and NGO system.

The 2017 Palestine Center Annual Conference addresses vital issues related to the 50 year-old Israeli occupation, coordination of the Palestinian Authority with the occupation, and Israel’s human rights violations. Panelists will also examine the continuing problem of representation and media bias when it comes to the Palestinian issue; and analyze the status of Jerusalem, situation of Gaza, and persistence of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement with its challenges and successes in the United States.

Dr. Abdulhadi will speak about her experiences of being the target of long standing and systemic attempts to silence Palestine activism in the United States. Her talk will underscore the consequences of limiting academic freedom on issues of state violence – namely, allowing it to go unchallenged.

Dr. Stein will focus on how the now ubiquitous global charge of fake news, with its very long colonial history, is being mobilized by Israeli state officials and right-wing publics to disavow Palestinian victims and Israeli perpetrators.