Reaching Across the World: The Hand of Fatima

The symbol known as the Hamsa, or Hand of Fatima, in Arab and Middle Eastern culture, is also a potent symbol in cultures around the world, from Asia, Africa, Latin America and even to the tribal cultures of Native Americans. This exhibition will explore the origins, symbolism and interpretations of this potent design with objects from all these cultures, with examples and an audience-interactive lecture.

Gallery Opening: At Home in the Garden of Eden

This multimedia installation explores the history of one American family’s 166-year engagement with the Middle East, using mixed media collages, super-8 video and archival material to tell the story of a rich and evolving relationship between America and the Arab world.

Cryptographic by Doris Bittar

Artist Doris Bittar’s latest works explore layers and patterning, whether through her Conversations with Modernism, paintings in which she examines “how a student of art who is also a colonial subject converses with the more recent Masters”  or Walking Patterns, 3-dimensional assemblages of remnants collected on walks in the Middle East and California, overlaid with invented, faintly arabesque lattice patterning.

Home Away From Home: Little Palestine By the Bay

Home Away From Home is a multi-media project juxtaposing recorded oral histories (in English) with portraits from the San Francisco Bay Area Palestinian community, second largest in the U.S. The viewer will be able to hear the voice while looking into the (photographed) face of the person telling their story.

The Poetry of Dissent

Elliott Colla, professor of Arab and Islamic Studies at Georgetown University, gave a lecture on 25 June 2015 at the Palestine Center entitled “The Poetry of Dissent.” Colla discussed the use of poetry in Egypt’s 2011 revolution and subsequent political unrest, as well as the strands of protest politics in the country.

Creative Dissent

Presented by the Arab American National Museum (AANM) and the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, Creative Dissent: Arts of the Arab World Uprisings is designed to immerse visitors in the creative vitality of the continually evolving uprising movement commonly referred to as the Arab Spring.

al Ab w’al Ibn (Father and Son)

For the first time, Gallery Al-Quds presents art from two generations, that of  Palestinian painter Zahi Khamis and his son Besan.