Patterning informs the work of Samar Hussaini as she seeks to interpret Palestinian dress in the idiom of abstraction. Incorporating words, ornamental motifs, and images of repression and legacy, her art focuses on resilience and identity.


They Have Names – Photographs by Daniel Sonnentag

Berlin-based photographers Daniel Sonnentag and Kai Wiedenhöfer portray the human impact of the Syrian conflict. Their works, which approach the subject from different points of view, were exhibited at Gallery Al-Quds and the Goethe-Institut as a way to highlight this urgent humanitarian crisis.

For the Love of Abstraction

Award winning contemporary artist Vian Shamounki Borchert presents her latest abstract expressionist paintings, “visual poems” derived from the beauty of nature through the changes of the seasons.

16 Prints by David Roberts

The Jerusalem Fund has received a legacy from the late Professor Emeritus Brian Peter Johnston of Carnegie Mellon University, comprising 16 Orientalist prints, 14 of which are by David Roberts.

Virtual Palestine

Gallery Al-Quds presented a new form of “virtual reality”—the reality of Palestine interpreted by artists in short and long-form videos and slide shows.  Several Gaza artists have contributed films and images difficult for them to share outside its borders.  Other artists created mini documentaries, metaphysical musings, hopeful fictions and painterly images of a reality that sometimes only they can see.

Allegorical Still Lifes

“Responding to an Iraq he finds unrecognizable, this figurative artist turns to still lifes painted as snapshots of life in the absence of figures, resulting in partial views of  brooding environments. Yet the blossoms and leaves of Shayota’s floral bouquets reach toward the  edges of paintings, refusing to submit.”