Spring 2012

Palestinian arts are flourishing this spring. Among the winners of the Abraaj Capital Art Prize 2012, awarded at Art Dubai in March, is Palestinian artist Taysir Batniji.

Holidays 2011

Walking through the piles of fallen leaves this morning I realized that we are fast approaching the season of fairs and festivals. Here at the Gallery we are participating too, with a special exhibition that not only educates but also entrances the gift-givers among us.

Fall 2011

Fall in Washington brings a number of art fairs, formal and informal. For me, it is a good way to scout potential exhibitors for the Gallery. There are many talented Arab American artists working in the DC area and not enough venues.

September 2011

With the Washington heat, it is hard to believe we are looking at Fall. But September brings us the beginning of an exciting new season of exhibitions at the Gallery. While Bassima Mustafa’s deep images of olive groves continue to cool us off in through September, I will be in Texas visiting the contemporary art galleries with a view to an exhibition here in the future.

Summer 2011

The weather in Washington has already been hot for weeks, and the forecast indicates that it will continue to be so throughout the summer. Here at the Gallery, we think things have been “hot” as well. Our exhibition Breaching the Wall had a record opening crowd, and continues to generate heat in the press.

May 2011

Breaching the Wall, an extraordinary exhibition by 11 artists from across the United States and Canada, will open in the Gallery on May 20.

April 2011

While DC collectors are slowly coming out of the recession, the art fair world has been making strong showings, outperforming galleries again. This holds true especially for the Middle East.

March 2011

This month the Gallery is hosting the first exhibition related to a grant made by The Jerusalem Fund for Education and Community Development.  Our grant partially funded a project by an NGO called Zakira (“Memory “in Arabic).

February 2011

I have scrapped my planned comment for this month as it impossible not to note the incredible events happening in the Arab world.