“Jerusalem, We Are Here”

Presented by director and producer Dorit Naaman, Jerusalem, We Are Here is an interactive documentary that digitally brings Palestinians back into the Jerusalem neighborhoods from which they were expelled in 1948. Focusing primarily on the neighborhood of Katamon, Palestinian participants probed their families’ past and engaged with the painful present.

A Tribute to Dr. Halim Barakat

In this tribute speakers, Dr. Judith Tucker ( Professor of History, Georgetown University), Dr. Edmund Ghareeb (Senior Scholar, Palestine Center), and Dr. Beshara Doumani (Professor of History, Brown University) reflect on the intellectual contributions of Dr. Halim Barakat, retired Research Professor of Society and Culture at The Center for Contemporary Arab Studies of Georgetown University.

Recent BDS Developments: Anti-BDS Legislation and the MLA

Maria LaHood of the Center for Constitutional Rights and Dr. Stephen Sheehi of the College of William and Mary (and a Delegate in the MLA Assembly) discuss recent challenges facing the Boycott Sanctions and Divestment movement in the United States with the introduction of anti-BDS measures which which seek to chill and penalize Palestinian rights advocacy

Book Talk: “Condition Critical: Life and Death in Israel/Palestine”

Condition Critical presents key blog posts and analytical essays that explore everyday life in Israel, East Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza up close.  All these stories depict the critical conditions of the decades-old wounds of colonization and occupation in which the Palestinian people live.

“The Way to the Spring: Life and Death in Palestine”

Ben Ehrenreich discusses and shares passages from his recent book, The Way to the Spring, which chronicles what he witnessed and experienced while living in the West Bank from 2011 to 2015. During that time, he lived in different cities of the West Bank, staying with Palestinian families, and writing major stories for American outlets including a cover story for The New York Times Magazine. He was also gathering material for this book, which places readers in the footsteps of Palestinians.

Living in Limbo: East Jerusalem’s Neighborhoods Behind the Separation Barrier

Moien Odeh discusses the East Jerusalem neighborhoods behind the separation barrier where approximately 120,000 Palestinians reside. In these neighborhoods, the Palestinian Authority is not allowed to work because they are part of “Jerusalem”. Although located within the Jerusalem municipal boundaries, these neighborhoods receive almost no service from the Israeli Authorities, resulting in living conditions that would be unacceptable anywhere else.

2016 Palestine Center Annual Conference – Panel 2

In this panel we look at the conditions of Israel’s hegemony to consider future prospects. Panelists analyze the continuing reality of Israeli military occupation and incursions into Gaza, illegal settlements, intensified domination of Jerusalem, and detentions of Palestinian children. Panelists include Dr. Thomas Abowd, Brad Parker, and Dr. Abdelhamid Siyam.

2016 Palestine Center Annual Conference – Panel 1

In this panel we look back at salient developments in the Middle East over the past century, from Sykes-Picot to the “Arab Spring and BDS, to see the deep impact they have had on Palestinian national aspirations. Panelists include Dr. Jenab Tutunji, Phyllis Bennis, Dima Khalidi, and Rami Khouri.