Shattered Hopes: Obama’s Failure to Broker Israeli-Palestinian Peace

Writer and political analyst Josh Ruebner charts Obama’s journey from optimism to frustration in the first hard-hitting investigation into why the president failed to make any progress on this critical issue, and how his unwillingness to challenge the Israel lobby has shattered hopes for peace.

The Palestine Poster, a New Genre, a New Voice

What happens if all the posters that libraries and museums have historically cataloged under different headings such as Holy Land, State of Palestine, State of Israel, Eretz Israel, Promised Land, and Land of the Bible were organized under a single library heading, the Palestine poster?

Hisham B. Sharabi Memorial Lecture with Dr. Juan Cole

In his talk, Statelessness: The Core of the Palestinian Issue, Dr. Juan Cole argues that the core of the issue is the statelessness of the Palestinians and that all the other problems stem from this condition. He explores the meaning of statelessness for human and civil rights, property rights, and standing in negotiations, as well as with regard to international regimes of law and diplomacy.