Settler violence against Palestinians nearly doubled from 2016 to 2017

After a three-year decline, settler violence has been on the rise during the first half of 2017. During this period, OCHA [UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs] documented 89 incidents attributed to Israeli settlers resulting in Palestinian casualties (33 incidents) or in damage to Palestinian property (56 incidents). On a monthly average, this represents an increase of 88 per cent compared with 2016.

The Arab condition and Palestinian perseverance in Jerusalem

The Israeli Government has a tendency to underestimate the level of Palestinian anger, under the delusion that the deteriorating situation in the Arab world will enable it to implement its plans. However, it has misjudged the situation, failing to accurately predict the anger of Palestinians and Jerusalemites in particular in response to any desecration of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The issue is not only a religious matter but also relates to identity since Jerusalem symbolizes the place where Palestinians can feel that they enjoy sovereignty. Thus, in this case, the element of political symbolism is more important than religious sentiment.

Taylor Force Act: Putting the Palestinian Authority on Notice

Despite the western media’s and American politicians’ characterization of the PA’s funding as material support for terrorism, the majority of Palestinians simply do not view it that way. There are, undoubtedly, some members of the Palestinian prisoner population in Israel who are receiving financial support—the same goes for the families of deceased Palestinians—even when they committed acts of terror. But, there is also evidence to suggest that many of these reports inflate the number of accused “terrorists” on the PA’s payroll.