Surviving Israel’s war on Gaza fishers

Israel has turned Gaza’s sea into a battlefield.Israel’s military routinely fires on boats, injuring, killing and arresting Palestinian crew members.“In the past, the sea used to be open. We would fish whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted,” Rashad al-Hissi, a 74-year-old Gaza fisher, told The Electronic Intifada. According to the 1993 Oslo accords, Gaza’s fishing zone was supposed to extend 20 nautical miles out from shore.

Trump can’t broker peace in the Mideast by withholding aid from Palestinians

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency — better known as UNRWA — was created after 750,000 Palestinians fled their homes during the 1948 Arab-Israeli conflict. Refugees in the Gaza Strip will mark the 70th anniversary of that exodus on May 15, the culmination of the symbolic ‘Great Return March’ that has brought thousands of protesters to the territory’s border with Israel this month, where they have consistently met excessive, lethal force from the Israeli army.

The Anti-BDS Smear Campaign Escalates

For years, well-funded pro-Israel vigilantes have been harassing Palestine activists. Now they’re enlisting the FBI. Since 2015, the alt-right’s campaigns to intimidate and harass their critics, particularly those working on college campuses for progressive politics and Palestinian rights, have intensified and gotten deeply personal.

US lawmakers urge Israeli soldiers to defy order to shoot Palestinian protesters

Activists on Thursday confronted Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the United Nations, on her government’s blocking of any international investigation into Israel’s killings in Gaza.As the video above shows, Haley had no answer as members of the antiwar group CODEPINK stated that “Israel deserves to be held accountable just like any other country” for the “killing of peaceful protesters.”