Palestine: In a Moment of Change or Continuity?

Panel I – The Changing Face of Jerusalem; Panel II – Changing Resistance Tactics: Violence, Non-Violence and the Battle for Legitimacy; Panel III – Regional Dynamics: Carrying the Torch?; Panel IV – Peace Process: Déjà vu all over again?

Negotiating Arab-Israeli Peace: Patterns, Problems and Possibilities

As the peace process grinds to a halt, many are reflecting on the problems with the process that led to what was an expected, if not inevitable failure. Why does it seem that the same mistakes are repeated over and over again, and that those managing the peace process today learn nothing from the mistakes of their predecessors?

Palestine Center Condemns Attack on Aid Boats

Palestine Center Condemns Attack on Aid Boats FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Yousef Munayyer (202) 338-1290 WASHINGTON, D.C. (1 June 2010) – The Palestine Center condemns in the strongest terms the killing of civilian activists aboard aid boats destined for blockaded Gaza at the hands of Israeli commandos which took place Sunday evening. The aid […]