John Kerry Makes a Strong Case for BDS

by Yousef Munayyer

The other night I was happy to participate in a program for Aljazeera America on BDS. The Stream focused on BDS for the entire episode. I was joined by Josh Ruebner, Lara Friedman and Avi Mayer. This is a topic that deserves to be discussed for much longer than half an hour and between commercial breaks and packages, the actual discussion was a fraction of that.

Roger Cohen and the Modern 3/5th Compromise

By Yousef Munayyer

Usually it is very easy to tell the New York Times’ Roger Cohen apart from similarly named decency-challenged columnist at the Washington Post Richard Cohen. Usually. Sometimes however, Roger’s arguments make that distinction far more difficult to make, especially when they focus on Palestinian rights.

Israel/Gaza Cease-Fire Dynamics Breakdown

by Yousef Munayyer

For months we have been tracking Israeli cease-fire violations in Gaza. In November of 2012, a cease-fire agreement was brokered by Egypt between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. Previous cease-fire agreements, like the one brokered by Egypt in June of 2008 were shattered by extrajudicial assassinations carried out by Israel. The biggest question after the cease-fire agreement, as I made clear here, was who would hold Israel to account for cease-fire violations? Egypt was not going to play this role. The U.S. was not going to play this role. So effectively, Israel could fire into Gaza without accountability, provoke a reaction and then claim self-defense.

Yes, the UN is clearly biased when it comes to Israel

by Yousef Munayyer

You’ve heard the refrain time and again. The UN is biased against Israel. Israel is guilty of a wide range of violations of international law and human rights. Many stem from its ongoing military occupation and and colonization of Palestinian territory in the West Bank and Gaza, but many also go back to 1948. You’d think that the UN would have, given its supposed bias against Israel and Israel’s long track-record of breaking international law, long ago placed sanctions on Israel.

The Whitewashing of Ariel Sharon

by Yousef Munayyer

It was inevitable, I suppose. The legacy of Ariel Sharon, the former Israeli Prime Minister who died recently after years in a coma, was the subject of much debate and conversation in the Israel/Palestine discourse this week. Some mainstream American media outlets did a particularly poor job, however, in characterizing the life of the man.