The Lie of a Century

By Mohamed Mohamed

The bottom line is that Palestinians were thrown out and their country was indeed taken away from them. The argument that there was never an official Palestinian state or explicit national identity before Israel is irrelevant and hollow, and does not justify Israel’s expulsion of Palestinians, the theft of their land, or the continued denial of their basic civil and religious rights.

Why Palestinians Resist

by Mohamed Mohamed

“Rights are not bestowed by an oppressor.” This statement in a New York Times op-ed by Marwan Barghouti, the imprisoned Palestinian political figure leading the latest prisoner hunger strike, is perhaps the core reason why Palestinians have engaged in various forms of resistance against Israel ever since the Nakba in 1948.

Hillary Clinton should take balanced approach to Israel-Palestine

By Zeina Azzam

Many of us wonder, will Clinton strive at all to make Washington “an honest broker” during negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians? How beholden will she feel to the influences of her billionaire supporters? Will her narrow view of justice and fairness expand to consider the human and national rights of Palestinians? So far, her words have given us no reason to be optimistic.