UN report: Israel has established an ‘apartheid regime’

A new United Nations report accuses Israel of having established ‘an apartheid regime that oppresses and dominates the Palestinian people as a whole’. The publication comes amid renewed debate about whether, through its settlement policy and rejection of Palestinian self-determination, the Israeli government is creating – or even has already created – a de facto ‘one-state’, which critics warn would constitute a form of apartheid.

Ambassador David Friedman: A diplomatic oxymoron

By Mohamed Mohamed

Perhaps Friedman is unaware that his duty is to serve the interests of the American people, not pander to Israelis. If he was the trained diplomat that such a sensitive ambassadorship post requires, he would know this. Instead, Friedman’s main qualification is that he is Trump’s former bankruptcy lawyer.

Recent BDS Developments: Anti-BDS Legislation and the MLA

Maria LaHood of the Center for Constitutional Rights and Dr. Stephen Sheehi of the College of William and Mary (and a Delegate in the MLA Assembly) discuss recent challenges facing the Boycott Sanctions and Divestment movement in the United States with the introduction of anti-BDS measures which which seek to chill and penalize Palestinian rights advocacy

Keith Ellison and the Anti-Semitism Smear

By Mohamed Mohamed

It is difficult to say with certainty whether the smear campaign did or did not result in Rep. Ellison’s defeat in the race for DNC chairman. It is unlikely that a voting member would admit to being swayed by anything other than the candidates’ credentials, let alone a malicious attack. Regardless, one thing is certain: some of Israel’s most fervent supporters felt that the race was close enough to require discrediting Ellison.

Theresa May wants British people to feel ‘pride’ in the Balfour Declaration. What exactly is there to be proud of?

Theresa May told us that Britain will celebrate the centenary of the Balfour Declaration this summer with ‘pride’. This was predictable. A British prime minister who would fawn to the head-chopping Arab autocrats of the Gulf in the hope of selling them more missiles – and then hold the hand of the insane new anti-Muslim president of the United States – was bound, I suppose, to feel ‘pride’ in the most mendacious, deceitful and hypocritical document in modern British history.

Answering five common objections to Israeli Apartheid Week

Israel’s military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip (yes, the latter is still occupied) will complete its 50th year this June. Even putting aside how the territory came to be occupied, Israeli policies over more than a dozen different governments have created an inherently discriminatory regime in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) — primarily due to the presence of more than 200 settlements. This colonial enterprise constitutes a grave violation of international law, and is at the heart of a system of segregation, inequality and brutality; settlement homes are built, Palestinian homes are demolished.