UNRWA’s Role and Impact in the Gaza Strip: A Refugee’s Perspective

In this talk, Mohammed Eid, a 28-year-old Palestine refugee and currently a Rotary Peace Scholar pursuing a master’s degree in Global Studies and International Development through a joint program at the University of North Carolina and Duke University, discusses growing up in Gaza and the role the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) played in his life.

Palestine and Us: Decolonizing America and Palestine

Piscataway elder, Rico Newman, discusses Indigenous Rights in the face of settlement in America and Palestine. This is the last installment in the 2018 Summer Intern Lecture Series “Palestine and Us: Contextualizing Palestine in American Political Activism,” which examines issues of intersectionality between the Palestinian cause and other contemporary social justice movements.

A Voice from Beit Ummar 

A Voice from Beit Ummar  By Lena J I answered the phone every day that Ahmed Oudeh called until we had the honor of hosting him here at the Palestine Center. His voice was warm and heavy with pain, even for a simple “hello.” I hadn’t noticed at first, but Ahmed slurred his words. He […]

Caricatures of Peace: How Cartoonists Resist the Israeli Occupation with Art

By Palestine Center Intern Caricatures of Peace: How Cartoonists Resist the Israeli Occupation with Art Art has long been a powerful means of release and resistance for those suffering under oppression. It is often the case that the more miserable the situation, the more potent the art, and the more passionate the artist. This is […]

Freedom Under Occupation: Resistance and Repression in Settler States

By Jasper Saah

Forty years ago the headquarters of MOVE, a Philadelphian radical black liberation, environmentalist organization and commune, was raided by the Philadelphia Police Department. after months of harassment and tensions. MOVE is unique in the Black radical tradition: the ideology of founder John Africa infusing elements of anarchism, primitivism, and environmentalism into his theory of liberation. On August 8th, 1978, the Philadelphia Police Department raided the MOVE house after months of tension and harassment. The city and police were determined to crush MOVE, firing live rounds into the Powelton Village home and flooding it with fire hoses. PPD Officer James J. Ramp was killed in the raid by a bullet of still unknown origin, as the MOVE family was taking shelter in the basement of their home.

Sexual Harassment and Violence against Palestinian Women in Israeli Prisons

By Dylann N

Sexual harassment and sexual violence have long been tactics used by Israeli soldiers against imprisoned Palestinians. While men and children are subjected to such treatments, women generally face the brunt of this systematic mistreatment. Khitam Saafin, the leader of the Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees, who spent three months in administrative detention without ever being charged, and who accused Israeli soldiers of taking photos of her on their cell phones and strip-searching her,

Palestine and Us: Grassroots Mobilization

Pastor and activist Rev. Graylan Hagler highlights the intersections between the Palestinian cause and other contemporary social movements. His work has focused on Black liberation, economic justice, community organizing, and mobilizing faith communities. You can follow him on Twitter @Graylanhagler.

Respectability Politics of Armed Resistance and the Fatah-Hamas Rivalry

By John Fleming

For decades, the contentious rivalry between Fatah and Hamas has caused confusion and compounded the problem of Palestinian unity in the face of continued Israeli occupation. Founded in the late 1950s, Fatah has been a more moderate voice among the Palestinians, accepting the recognition of Israel and imploring the use of nonviolence as a means to its goals.

Palestine and Us: Black and Palestinian Solidarity

Attorney and activist Ahmad Abuznaid, Esq. discusses his experiences working for social justice for Black Americans in the U.S. and Palestinians in the occupied territories and in the diaspora. As the first event in our 2018 Palestine Center Summer Intern Lecture Series, this talk focuses on the broad theme of intersectionality between the Palestinian struggle and other contemporary social movements in America.