Do Not Let Go of the Green Line: It Is Israel’s Achilles Heel

The poet Dylan Thomas urged his father – and all those approaching death – ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’ but ‘rage, rage against the dying of the light.’ The death of the two-state solution has been foretold for nearly 20 years, after it became clear that Israel had signed on to the Oslo peace process in 1993 with no intention of allowing a sovereign Palestinian state.

Book Talk: “Condition Critical: Life and Death in Israel/Palestine”

Condition Critical presents key blog posts and analytical essays that explore everyday life in Israel, East Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza up close.  All these stories depict the critical conditions of the decades-old wounds of colonization and occupation in which the Palestinian people live.

US embassy relocation to Jerusalem ‘a war crime’

From the windows of the grey, cube-shaped building that houses the US embassy in Tel Aviv, staff enjoy an undisturbed view out over the Mediterranean and a beach adorned in the summer with sunbeds and parasols.Most days the only evidence of activity is outside on the pavement:  A queue of Israelis snake out of a side door, clutching their documents and watched over by Israeli soldiers as they wait expectantly for a US travel visa.

Palestinians sue Trump adviser, Netanyahu for terrorism

A group of US citizens and Palestinian nationals is suing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and key members of US President Donald Trump’s administration for perpetrating and enabling war crimes. Their lawsuit, filed in federal court in Washington, DC, on Wednesday, alleges a money laundering scheme that involves the US defendants raising charitable donations to send to Israeli government leaders.

How to Expel: Advice to Trump From an Israeli

Barely a week has passed and you’ve screwed things up, Donald Trump. The reason is simple: You didn’t consult Israel on how to deny entry into your country without rousing half the world against you. But when it comes to your other promise – actual expulsion – you still have time to consult us.