Future Generation Hands Association (FGHA)

FGHA runs several projects that are tailored to fit the complex needs of children living in the city of Nablus. The psychological pressure on these children severely hinders their development, and FGHA seeks to relieve this through the provision of essential material, educational, psychological, and social support.

Art Forces

Through the facilitation of narratives of people throughout the West Bank and Gaza, this project has developed an interactive website that is accessible and easy to use for all. It provides access to media and current events of life in Palestine including interviews, blogs, videos, and much more. Art Forces aims to spread awareness about realities in the region through the enhanced experience of their new website.

Future Association for Culture and Development (FACD)

This project focused on helping affected people in the Rafah area at the beginning of the winter season, as most Palestinian families suffer from difficult economic circumstances. Like other areas in Gaza, Rafah suffers from several crises especially related to fuel unemployment and poverty, and continuous power outages. FACD distributed more than 150 blankets for poor families to help them stay warm during the winter.

Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children (ASDC)

The Atfaluna Society enrolled 60 deaf students in different vocational training courses, which took place in the ASDC Vocational Training Unit. he courses taught them how to communicate using Palestinian Sign Language.

Annahda Women’s Association

The toy workshop at Annahda Rehabilitation Center is designed to be a productive workshop to give opportunities of training and employment for adults living with disabilities, and to provide the local community with needed wooden toys and furniture that is used in nurseries, kindergartens, schools and centers.

American Friends of UNRWA

Project: Supporting UNRWA’s Emergency Food Assistance Program in the Gaza Strip Founded: 2005 Location: Gaza The purpose of this project was to help cover the basic food consumption needs of abject and absolute poor people in Gaza. Funding received from The Jerusalem Fund was used to purchase 5,631 cans of luncheon meat which reached 352 […]

Baladna – The Association for Arab Youth

The Youth Leadership project aimed to address internal challenges within Palestinian society by creating a sustainable youth movement to promote pluralism, and gender equality. Baladna used a grant from The Jerusalem Fund to purchase lecture/meeting room chairs and tables, a projector, and a projector screen.

Water Resources Action Project (WRAP)

Al-Sadeeq is a public school serving 389 Palestinian boys in 13 grades. The school’s primary source of water was the unreliable municipal water network, and because of this, the school experienced over 30 days of restroom closures due to water shortages in 2013. WRAP installed a rainwater harvesting system at Al-Sedeeq that collects rainwater from the roof of the school, diverts it into a large cistern, and pumps it to the school’s toilets for flushing.

Charitable Mother Association for Development

As a result of severe weather, a number of kindergartens in Gaza were badly damaged in December 2013. This project aimed at renovating three of these kindergartens by repairing the play areas and the water, electrical, and sewage networks of each school.