Summer Film Series: “Degrade” by Arab and Tarzan Nasser

Set in a women’s hair salon in Gaza during a confrontation between the police and a local gangster, effectively trapping the women inside, Degrade blends caricature and reality to emphasize the complexity of life in Gaza where people are afflicted by multiple nodes of pressure and the social space of women is increasingly circumscribed by these pressures.

Summer Film Series: “Roshmia” by Salim Abu Jabal

The film follows an elderly couple, Yousef and Amna, in their final stand-off with Israeli authorities to keep their rustic home, a shack in the Roshmia valley in Haifa. A friend encourages them to leave and works to secure municipal compensation for the couple, but tensions grow between Yousef, who refuses to leave his home, and Amna, who seeks to move on.

Summer Film Series: “Io sto con la sposa (On the Bride’s Side)” by Antionio Augugliaro, Gabriele Del Grande, and Khaled Soliman Al Nassiry

On the Bride’s Side records the 2013 journey of five undocumented Syrian and Palestinian refugees who end up in Italy fleeing the war in Syria, and with the help of the filmmakers, continue on from Milan to Stockholm where they seek to attain political asylum. The refugees and their supporters travel as a fake wedding party complete with a bride in a white gown, hoping to avoid detection and arrest.

Essay Film Series: “Trip Along Exodus” by Hind Shoufani

To try and understand his choice to give up a tenured position at a university in the U.S. and join the underground PLO in Beirut, his daughter, the filmmaker, made a documentary that traced her family’s journey through Palestine’s 20th century history.

Palestinian Auteurs Series: “Salt of This Sea” by Annemarie Jacir

“Sixty years after her grandparents’ exile from Jaffa, Soraya (Suheir Hammad) leaves Brooklyn to live in her homeland. Discovering that her family’s bank account was frozen after the Arab-Israeli War, she becomes determined to reclaim her birthright, through whatever means necessary.

Palestinian Auteurs Series: “Divine Intervention” by Elia Suleiman

“….a beautiful young Palestinian woman defies Israeli soldiers and struts through a check-point as if it were the catwalk of a fashion show; Santa Claus is chased up the sun- drenched hills of Nazareth by a gang of knife-wielding school kids; Israeli police use a blindfolded prisoner to provide directions to tourists in Jerusalem; and a female ninja descends from the sky, holding the map of ‘Palestine’ as her battle shield.”

“It’s Not Just Documentaries” Project

Each film in the “It’s Not Just Documentaries Project”  organized by the Community Media Center of Gaza addresses a particular aspect of the suffering among civilians and the violations of their rights during and after the 2014 Israeli aggression, which the IDF named “Operation Protective Edge.”