The Eye of the Blossom

photographs by Amr Mounib

March 25 – April 22, 2016

Amr Mounib transformed flowers in simple Egyptian gardens into large-scale images blossoming with the hope and resilience of the Egyptian people. The artist donated proceeds from this exhibition to Egyptian and Palestinian children’s charities.

The Eye of the Blossom

“Growing up in a garden of flowers … literally, as a child I was fascinated, taken by its diversity in shape and color, and feasted my eyes and never ignored….

As a photographer I always carried my camera with me and always on the lookout for flowers.  No matter what assignments I had I always noticed the flower everywhere. 

This collection is mostly captured in Egypt as I stumbled and came across them in yards, streets, farmer’s fields and even wild flowers making their way up through cracks of sidewalks. Always stopping, observing and capturing, when I can.

The flower with its diversity in shape and color, its resilience and perseverance has come to symbolize for me the people of Cairo and the true Arab Spring.”


Photographer Amr Mounib talks about his exhibition, Eye of the Blossom


Meet the Artist

Amr in Flowers

Amr Mounib, Photographer

Amr Mounib is a photographer whose work ranges from photojournalism to fashion. His primary interest lies in the interaction of light with subject matter, his primary focus, the spatial relationship between man-made and natural objects. Mounib uses juxtaposition to create a language of shapes and movement, contrasting the fluid nature of natural forms with the geometry of man-made objects, and defining space with light and shadow.

His compositions challenge the viewer to discover with him that light, growth, physics, change the nature of an object moment by moment, and that a moment never repeats. This sense of movement lends a sense of drama even to Mounib’s still life studies. As one longtime friend notes, “in Amr’s work, there’s always a hint of something happening.”

Amr served in the U.S. Navy, both in the active and reserve forces. He earned a degree in Communications and Visual Media from The American University, Washington, D.C., where he won several awards for his work in photography and film.


Mounib’s family has deep roots in theatre and television that extend back to the first silent films produced in Egypt by his grandfather, Fawzi Mounib. His grandmother, Mary Mounib, was named Egypt’s “Empress of Comedy” for her film and theater work. His father was a television producer and host of several interview and game programs.