Artistic Weapons of Mass Communication


Artistic Weapons of Mass Communication presents the work of five artists who utilize different creative means to communicate strong statements through their art, challenging injustice and hoping to open our eyes to a deeper mutual understanding. For more information, please click here.


RAJIE COOK: “I take pride in who I am and where my roots are. As a Palestinian-American artist I feel strongly, as any artist would, about expressing my feelings and experiences relating to human rights … justice and freedom … living and dying … about hurting … about pride.

I work in three-dimensional form to reflect the comedy or tragedy of life. I create miniature, silent, “theaters” that express my emotions about a range of subjects. My art, constructed with “found” and fabricated objects (my “Thespians”), is a series of “performances” that offer my deepest feelings to my audience.”

GANZEER: Ganzeer is the pseudonym of an Egyptian artist operating mainly between graphic design and contemporary art since 2007. While he regards Bidoun magazine’s description of him as a “contingency artist” as quite accurate, he refers to his own practice as Concept Pop.