Palestinians, meanwhile…


22 January – 26 February 2010


Palestinians, meanwhile…

photographs by

Elena Farsakh

In her exhibit “Palestinians, Meanwhile…,” photographer Ms. Farsakh’s images show, in her words, “Palestinians… quick to seize moments of ephemeral joy. Milestones, celebrations, life passages, friends and family become even more precious. All these things, even the mundane routines of daily life, sustain Palestinians… meanwhile.”

Beginning life as the offspring of a retired American diplomat and a Palestinian-American professor of Mathematics and Statistics, Elena Farsakh has subsequently spent a large part of her life living and traveling in the Middle East. Her portfolio includes photographs of Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco and Palestine. Although she has lived in Los Angeles, Boston and New York, she has become increasingly and uncontrollably drawn back to Palestine, where she spends as much time as the occupation allows.

Previous exhibits have included works from Egypt, Tunisia, Boston, Italy and Palestine. Her photographs are featured in the book “Culture and Customs of the Palestinians” by Dr. Samih Farsoun. Her latest work has been with a Palestinian legal aid and human rights NGO documenting the plight of Palestinians facing house demolitions, land separation, and homes appropriated by settlers.


To view a video interview with the artist, click below.

Photographer Elena Farsakh shares images from her most recent stay in Palestine, picturing the lives of ordinary Palestinians as they await a future they cannot yet see.