16 Prints by David Roberts

Friday, January 13 6:00 p.m. -8:00 p.m.

photo by David Roberts

The Jerusalem Fund has received a legacy from the late Professor Emeritus Brian Peter Johnston of Carnegie Mellon University, comprising 16 Orientalist prints, 14 of which are by David Roberts.

The prints were on exhibition at an opening reception Friday, January 13, marking the 75th exhibition at Gallery Al-Quds.

David Roberts was a Scottish painter especially known for detailed lithographic prints of Egypt and the Near East that he produced from sketches he made during long tours of the region (1838–1840). These and his large oil paintings of similar subjects made him a prominent Orientalist painter. He was elected as a Royal Academician in 1841. Roberts traveled in Egypt, Nubia, the Sinai, Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon.

Please watch below a talk about the work of David Roberts by George Lintzeris of Petra Fine Art.

The exhibition ran from January 13 – January 27, 2017